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Reasons to love Rankin…

I’ve been rather quiet on the blogging front recently, however I recently celebrated my Birthday and received a copy of the beautiful book “More” by Rankin, and having sat down and looked through the pages, I felt compelled to write a post.


During my time at university and college it appeared that every mood board or research project managed to include some sort of reference to Rankin’s work. Lets face it, he has photographed so many faces and themes it is difficult to avoid his images! Specifically his work with Alex Box provided much creative inspiration for my projects throughout my degree.

It is not that I in any way feel my work is similar, or would want to re-shoot or steal his ideas, but I am inspired by his energy, creativity and hard work. So here are my top 6 reasons I love our boy Rankin!

1. The Aesthetic…

The look of the moment changes consistently, in the last few years there has been a resurgence of the ‘vintage’ or ‘hazy’ style of photography being featured in magazines. What I love about Rankin’s work is that his clean, slick aesthetic can be applied to many subjects in many locations, and yet still remains distinctly his and true to his style. Some of my favourite shots from the book have been taken on a simple backdrop in the studio, but the energy and slick, high end look brings the images to life!

2. Dazed and Confused…

He co-founded the magazine in 1992 with Jefferson Hack. It has become a creative platform for artists and a showcase of the best new and existing talents who are dancing to the beat of their own tune! What is not to love?


3. Portraits with personality…

His portrait images are what originally drew me towards his work. Each image tells a story, he knows how to get the best out of his subjects. From images of the Queen of England, to pop icons, to the emotive “Alive” project featuring real people who have been touched by terminal illness or death, each image fully represents the subject perfectly, capturing their experiences and personalities in the final shot.


4. Keeping it real…

From his work with Dove on their “real women” campaigns, to his portraits of celebrities wearing no makeup for children in need, Rankin manages to remind us that sometimes, natural beauty really is something to be proud of.

5. Staying ahead of the curve…

His work in Hunger Magazine often looks at new artists from all avenues, from photographers to the best new musicians. He always looks on the edges of the radar and consistently promotes and brings attention to those working the creative grind. Using his own talents to help others gain exposure, both noble and exciting no?

6. Hunger Magazine…

Need I say more? Each issue is like a coffee table book, pages upon pages of stunning imagery and great content. One of my highlights of the season is the new issue coming out!


So there we have it, I’m done gushing, I will now go curl up with a nice cuppa and flick through the book another couple of hundred times!



All images sources with respect to the original artist here


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