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Style Icon of the Month…Yolandi Visser


I’m starting off my segment of style icons with a bit of a curve ball. Yolandi Visser for those who might not know is one half of South African group Die Antwood.

Their unique style and out-there music videos was what first caught my attention, but I have since grown a slight girl crush on front woman Yolandi. And she is currently topping my list of faces that I would love to photograph!


 Her kick ass attitude that makes her stand out. And what makes her my style icon of the month…her hair!

One part daring and one part pixie perfection, her razor sharp mini fringe isn’t a look for everyone, but as a lover of blunt fringes I am obsessed! If only I was so brave! She also works a bleached brow like a dream, which matched with her platinum blonde hair looks amazing and gives her a slightly futuristic edge.

Yolandi Visser Die Antwood South African Style Fashion

And then of course there is her wardrobe. Taking influence from the rap-rave styling of Die Antwood, her look is difficult to distinguish…a mixture of cool sci fi style, neon brights and a little bit of grunge thrown in for good measure. She is a true style chameleon!

Yolandi Visser Die Antwood South African Style Fashion Beauty 2

Individual, and certainly not for everyone, but with her attitude and quirky look she makes everything her own.

And that’s what makes an icon in my books, making trends not following them!





Image credits top to bottom: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5.



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