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10 minutes with…Kimberley Megan, model, blogger and fashion darling!


Kimberley Megan is a full time Garment Tailoring student, model and blogger living in London, UK. Having spent her life in Yorkshire modelling and dreaming of the fashion big time, she is now studying for her degree at the prestigious London College of Fashion. I caught up with Kimberley and chat about how moving has changed her life, her fashion aspirations and what’s next…

E: We know each other from shooting for various fashion and beauty shoots…our last shoot together was the “un-Fold” editorial, which was for your graduate look book. I was blown away by the dress you created…where did the inspiration come from for the piece?

K: The inspiration was from different origami pieces, I created lots of different types of origami from flowers to animals and unusual shapes, I loved the idea of creating three dimensional pleats to stand away from the body, so I took that forward into the skirt.

For the top half of the dress, the print is from the how to’s of the origami, I took the shapes, lines and broken lines and worked with them to develop an intriguing pattern that I liked. The diamonds in layers was from more origami pieces, I liked the idea of the lily origami and the cranes, in Japan there is a myth that if you create 1000 cranes you will be granted a wish, I saw an image of hundreds of cranes lined up which gave me the idea to do layered diamonds.


E: When did you first become interested in working in fashion design?

K: Well this is a long story, after finishing high school fashion was always an important aspect of my life. I always craved new clothing and to know what was on trend, but I felt that I wanted to be more academic (that was before I joined the fashion course and realised how much more work there is!). I studied chemistry, physics, business, psychology and drama, but it was all too much and I realised that my biggest drive was definitely Fashion.

I went to Barnsley College and studied a Btec in Fashion (Clothing & Textiles) and it was the best course I have ever done. I learned so much and would have not have been able to get where I am today without the knowledge and grounding in fashion which I achieved from there.

E: In 2013 you moved to London to study at London college of Fashion, how does it feel to be a Yorkshire girl in the big city?

K: It feels weird, as most people will comment on my accent or ask me where I’m from but it is a good talking point. I feel that moving down here and studying at the college that is so prestigious was, although very scary, the best thing do to do further myself. I have learnt so much from my Tailoring course already, and I know I will learn so much more, making clothes is the most exciting part, as I relish the challenge of creating garments from a simple piece of fabric.

E: If you could describe your personal style in 3 words what would it be?

K: My personal style is a funny one, I don’t like to wear colour, I love black, white and grey, so I would say I achromatic. I would also say unusual as I would rather shop in boutiques and from independent designers as I know that the clothing is not going to be worn by lots of people, and have that edge that is a bit different from the high street. My final word would be experimental; I’m not one to shy away from something quite out there, the weirder the better!


E: What has been your proudest fashion moment so far?

K: Now this is a toughie…my proudest fashion moment would be getting my btec results of Distinction Distinction Distinction* and being accepted into London College of Fashion at University of the Arts London.

E: Where are we most likely to find you shopping and why?

K: I know quite a few university graduates, independent labels and boutiques as well as AQAQ, so they would be the places you would find me. I crave the more unusual and structured clothes that are unusual and different to what people on the street are weari

E: You are not only a design student, but a model too. What has been your favourite shoot that you have been a part of

K: My favourite shoot by far has to be my origami shoot, just because everything went so well together! The dress, the makeup, the hair, the shoes, the backdrops, the props, the extra clothing I brought in to style in, and of course the fact that the shoot was published in Rebelicious Magazine just was the icing on the cake!

E: What is your absolute must read fashion magazine for inspiration?

K: It has to be a toss up between LOVE and ID I think, as I love the editorials that they create, although I’m open to any when I have a flick through and see an image that inspires me I have to buy it!


E: Finally, the fashion industry is obviously a big part of your life, where would you like to see it taking you in 2014?

K: In 2014 my resolution was to be more proactive, promote myself and go for any opportunity. I would love to intern and learn the skills to create garments in stretch fabrics as what I know and have learnt already is for non-stretch. I would also like my modelling to kick off in London, as all my contacts are from back home, I think that I need to spread my wings and network to find the right people down here.

I’m trying to blog more this year, so I want to keep that up and make it a really interesting blog that will keep readers interested and give a different vibe to what is out there already. Lastly I want to do well in my first year at university and get the grades to carry me through to next year.

Kim and myself will be collaborating together again in February during London Fashion Week where we will be shooting a new fashion editorial. I look forward to following Kimberley’s upcoming design career and modelling ventures, and expect big things from this girl in the future!

To keep up with Kim yourself, check out her blog here!




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